Yes you are ready….!

October 21, 2008

Some people still think bullshit is the way to go…

No matter what, they continue doing the same thing over and over again…expecting different results, expecting things to change…and in the end they continue to get the same thing they’ve always goten…angry, fed up, pissed off, frustrated, and that horrible sinking feeling of yet another failed attempt. The realization that it was just more bullshit…

I assume you have had enough of that-and if you haven’t, I have!

There are no “miracle cures”, no “magic wands”, no “money back guarentees”, no “one thing words for everyone”.

I was there, I had life issues come up and looked for help, looked for ways to deal with things that I needed to deal with, and I spent a lot of money on self help books, on counseling, and therapy, only to find it was a lot of bullshit! For me, the bullshit took me to a place where I was on the verge of suicide! That was when I happened upon a tough no non-sense life coach!

I vowed to get the training, and learn how to help others wade through the mountains of bullshit each one of you have mounded up, piled up from years of living!

There are no pretty names, no whimcical, calm and serene things to call it…because what I do is get in there with you and we begin digging you out of the piled up mess, the bullshit that is keeping you from living a great life, from experiencing joy and pleasure and happiness!

Don’t hire me if you really like the pain, the defeating self talk, the misery and smell of shit!Don’t hire me if you are still enjoying wallowing in self pity, being a victum in life!

Only hire me when you have had enough and are ready to roll up your sleeves and do some serious rearranging, some serious work! I work hard and I expect the same from all my clients. Results do come, when we do the work together!


Deep in the Shit

May 11, 2011

Wow, I am deep in the shit. I believe you have no right to an opinion, and you think you do. Thats where we stand and thats really a stance that may last a life time.
Mind your own business.

The time has come!

March 22, 2011

Wrestling with what to do with all those left over feelings and emotions from my experience of bullshit from those around me throughout the past 9-10 months.  All that talking about me,  judging me and making up (BULL)shit about me,  I have decided the time has come to call the BULLSHIT as I see it!

I just deleted a whole mess of bulleted bullshit…because  I started to laugh and laugh and I am still laughing at all the rediculous things that have come up!

It is just toooooo funny and stupid to waste time writing about:-)

So…so much for that bullshit, it is time for me to laugh I guess…  IN YOUR FACE! ABOUT YOUR BULLSHIT and childish non-sense!  WOW-you could use a great Life Coach…

But then, that would be judging you…and I am not about to BULLSHIT BULLSHITTERS!  It is not my style, it’s not the way I roll!  😉

shes a bitch

February 4, 2011

Ever been told your a bitch?  It is a funny sort of word, bitch. 

Some women hate it, are triggered by it, and come to love it.  These are women, some of whom I have had the pleasure to work with!  I love it, when a woman comes to me and she is upset with being called a bitch, because there is a gift in being a bitch.  There are many gifts in it. 

When we find the gifts, we calm that trigger down, and the more gifts to be found in being a bitch, the more we come to like it, and want to own that one for ourselves. 

Today I am willing to be a bitch if a situation shows up that will require my bitch skills!

Aggressive, mean man

November 28, 2010

Do you know one of these guys?  Someone who intimidates you and those around you.  Someone who collects people around him by intimidation and occassionally telling some tender touching story that alludes to the thought that somewhere under all the bullshit, he really does have a heart?  One of these guys who is so outwordly abusive, it makes you wonder and question your own understanding of the human race?  Questions such as “how in the world does he get away with THAT?” Or “how is he not in jail?” Or “Why does she stay with him?” Or “What do those people see in that man?”

I do!  I know someone like this.  Recently due to my adventures I got to spend a great deal of time with a guy like this, and worse…(just don’t even like to even think too much about all the odd strange idiosyncricies of this absolutely miserable man).  It is and was painful to be around him.  It is a challenge for me to go there, and wonder why.

Why would someone, anyone choose so much personal misery, and suffering?  Changing your life, touching joy and harmony and love is relatively simple when this is the other option, so why, why, why would someone choose this type of existance I wonder.

Digging into it as I often like to do(my questions, not the man!), my theory is FEAR.  Fear has got to be behind it all.  The fear that he really is as rotten as he thinks is probably in there.  Now this has got to be a much BIGGER fear than I have ever had to deal with, and I have dealt with some BIG ass fears of my own.  My fear was never so incredible that I was able to consider change, consider facing it, but his apparently is bigger than this.  Or maybe there is a fear of loosing all the people he has collected who feel some pity and feel sorry for this horrible man. 

I had the opportunity to leave that adventure behind me, and I hope that I never have to spend a great deal of time with someone so miserable with themselves ever again!  What I realise today is that it was always a choice, always an option for me to leave and take a different journey-I just had a whole list of reasons to stay and explore it for awhile. 

What I had walked away with is a whole new understanding of what fear can cause a human being to manifest.  I have a whole new respect for each and every one of my clients who have the courage to explore and work on inner personal change.  I have a new respect for all the work I have done on a personal level.  I also have gained some very loving and kind prayers to send out to those who are so caught up in their own fears and the illusion of who they think they need to be in order to have people around them. 

Ahhh, freedom from the fear of self!  Freedom from suffering is a true gift!  I am thankful today beyond measure!

wow you had me completely fooled

April 9, 2010

he came in and talked…


talked about shit that appeared painful

shit that appeared as real as any one elses shit

wow you completely had me fooled.

Sometimes we all need a kick in the butt!

September 14, 2009

Ahoy to you all! What a strange weekend it has been for this girl, I thought, hmmm I wonder what sort of post is in the makings a few times as I felt tumbled about and tossed around. It has been one of those wierd weekends and I am I must say a bit memorized, terrorized and completely shocked as I sit here hands on the keys as the only thing holding me to the house.
Friday began with the idea of doing a complete house cleaning, I mean everything including the junk drawers that have not been touched for eleven years, not since we moved in! The screens of the windows my gosh had so much dust on them, no air could penetrate any longer. I am not an air conditioned girl, I am a fan in the window, fresh air type of gal here! So much for fresh air.
Some how my hubby and I began talking about an old fling, or almost fling he had a few years back. I felt so together, such a big girl who could talk about it without even getting upset or any of that nonsense of making it about me type of shit everyone does. No I was going to be a Big girl all grown up and above that petty crap! Ha Ha Snark…for a little while I really was! honest!
Maybe it was all the dust mites, or tidying up of things…somehow I got the notion in my head that perhaps I ought to just get a divorce and let this guy decide what the heck he wants in life. How unfair is it anyway, for me to spend my life with a guy wants to find women who are easy to talk to, at least thats what he says about them, they are easy to talk to….gee I am pretty easy to talk to most of the time but I guess I am just not THAT easy…: -)
Anyway, I thought, I ought to have an opportunity to feel what it feels like to have a guy swooning over me because he thinks I am easy to talk to, before I die, right!?! You betcha, I have raised my kids, I have done the wife thing, and now, what the heck, perhaps I ought to just take that BIG huge risk and see what life has for me, right?!
Well, I took a deep breath and said, maybe we should get a divorce, so you can feel free to find the love of your life and I can be free to be the love of someones life. Silence wrapped us up like cocoons for what seemed like hours… this must be that part where he thinks I am just not that easy to talk to…
I thought he was going to take it hard….but I was completely shocked as he said, well what did I mean by a friendly divorce, how would I like to divide things up, and I all of a sudden felt like puking and shitting my pants!
If I were a drinker, I would be drunk tonight, I would have been drunk this afternoon. Hmmm, the panic I felt earlier was beyond anything I felt lately! I was gasping for air, and trying to find my footing, my balance, my ego, where in the heck did my ego disappear to? There were bits of thought, not even words uttered in my head…just noises… as I continued to sort junk, and wash things.
Tonight, I am doing strangely well, as I toss around ideas about what might come next. Creepy as it is, I am not afraid right now, I am not angry, or happy, or much of anything. I don’t even feel numb, just utterly surprised. Maybe this is the kick in the pants I need to take a risk in life, to feel alive, and on the edge of life…and take an adventure just to see what unfolds in front of me next…
Ahhhh the life and times of a no bullshit life coach as she journeys through the universe looking for those who think she is easy to talk to:-)

health, and preventative medicine

September 6, 2009

With all the focus on health care reform lately, I have had some brain wave activity that I think is definitely worthy of more thought.

For instance, we are now hearing about a new model for care that we think would be great for our doctors to take up.  Wellness care, or preventative care.  It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  But lets look a little deeper at this idea that seems to be taking up a lot of space in time. 

We are asking a group of people we call doctors to begin teaching people how to prevent illness, yet this group of people are licensed and trained in treating illness.  They have not had any training to look below the illness, to find out what is causing it, and then to know, or have knowledge in restoring health.  They are people who have been trained in giving out drugs that treat symptoms.

What an average individual doctor knows about wellness is what any average person knows about wellness. 

Yet we are attempting to force our minds into believing that they hold a license and education that somehow we will be wise to visit them regularly to learn more about illness prevention and wellness. 

All we need to do to find evidence in support of the ignorance within the medical communities is a visit to any number of hospital cafeterias and see what they serve patients who are attempting to get health in the hospital.  Look around and see the nursing staff  and doctors in the lines with their food trays and those who are sitting around the tables eating foods that are over processed, over cooked, with all kinds of additives, and ingredients that do not support health. 

If we wish health, we would be wise to look outside the establishment, to those who have been inspired not by earning a huge income, but from the simple curiosity and love of health.  Most of whom fall into categories of alternative medicines, wellness trainers, life coaches, naturopathic physicians, etc… When we wish health, we must seek out those who have the knowledge and desire for themselves to be healthy, fully alive and engaged in life!

Cheryl Frei
That’s Life Coaching

on health care reform

August 17, 2009

Are we all not sickened by this B.S.

Really- what is the deal here anyway.  Just when I thought we might actually have some legislation that was going to allow the citizens of the united states of America to actually get health care when they needed it, we hear everything on how we, the united states of America are actually going to allow our government to make certain that the insurance companies of America stay in business.

Yes folks, this is certainly some more of the same B.S.

Our government making certain that it supports BIG business, and who gives a shit about the citizens, the hard working folks, the normal people in this country. 

I say it is time for the citizens to speak up, to be heard to stand together, to work together and over throw this government who is no longer working for the people, but in fact working to enslave us all to support the BIG businesses of this country. 

Are you with me?  Are you thinking the same thing I am thinking?  Is anyone out there that believes it is time to make some substantial change to our government?  Are you ready to stand and say no more?  Do you have the energy? Do you have the inspiration?  Or will you sit back in fear, will you sit back and wait?  And what on Earth are you waiting for?  Someone else to do it?  No one else is going to stand up, because they are just as afraid as the rest of us, we need to stand together.  We are strong together!  We are the people of the great united states of America and we are the change we have been waiting for.  We are the ones who can stand, but only together will we ever change anything and make a difference is if we choose to stand together!

Let me know, let me hear your voices!

Rise up people and be heard today!


July 16, 2009

I was thinking yesterday how obserd things appear in this world.

The obnoxious ignorance that a person with common sense might laugh at.  Might cry at when realized the maddness, the insanity!

Why are we willing to pretend such stupity, such ignorance?  Pretend it isn’t really happening.  Perhaps it is laziness.  That is what I hear when I pose questions such as why.  Why are we willing to go along with processed, toxic foods, why are we willing to go along with ads on the TV from pharmecutical companies pushing their drugs in our living rooms?  Why are we willing to pay for and send our kids off to schools that shut down their creativity, and suggest they need to be drugged to participate in the classrooms?  Why are we willing to allow the insurance companies to be a third party and make certain we can not recieve the type of medical we wish?  Why are we willing to continue to pay taxes, while watching our neighbors and friends go homeless- so the government can pay off BIG companies who can’t handle their own finances?  Why are we willing to send our money off to the government so they can take a share and then trickly teeny tiny amounts back into our communities? Why are we willing to sit back and not jump in to support a mother protesting the war, protesting the sending our young adults over to Iraq?  Why are we willing to play along in a game that is set up for only a few to come out on top, and the majority to loose?  Why are we so willing to accept the mental health field as a legitamite entity, when their diagnosis comes from a book that was written specifically to sell pharmecutically made drugs?  Why?




Are we really this lazy?

My own bullshit!

April 21, 2009

Perhaps I will write about my own bullshit today!
I have found myself talking others inventory, judging them on how they judge others, skeptical and really not very happy with my bullshit.
It is true, that we are all connected, and when I judge you I am judging myself, when I hurt you I hurt myself. When I choose to not see God in you I am not seeing God within myself either.